These Amazing Insoles Relieve Chronic Body Pain

“MindInsole Shoe Inserts has seriously helped me manage my aching feet and chronic back pain.”

Can MindInsole Shoe Inserts really relieve body pain and massage your feet at the same time? The answer seems to be a resounding YES.

We all experience body pain at some point in our lives. Pain is the body’s reaction to an actual or potential tissue damage and it ranges from mild and manageable, to excruciating and immobilizing. Some body pains last for only a short period of time, while some, medically classified as “chronic pain”, last for weeks or months.

Chronic pain can be related to a myriad of medical conditions, such as lower back pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, headache, migraine, nerve damage, and fibromyalgia. What’s worse is that body pain affects your overall wellness. It does not only affect a person physically, but also psychologically, as it can also cause a person to feel negative emotions, including anxiety and depression.

Surely, many of us have tried different solutions to relieve ourselves of body pain. Drug options include pain relievers, antidepressants, and opioids, while nondrug options include physical therapy, chiropractic care, and electric nerve stimulation. However, there is another nondrug treatment that is anchored on the centuries-old method of targeting key acupressure points to relieve any type of body pain – MindInsole Shoe Inserts.


MindInsole is a shoe insert that heals body pain inside out. It massages your feet while you walk so you can feel better with every step. It alleviates body pain through the science of reflexology and acupuncture sans the needles.



With continuous use, MindInsole Shoe Inserts diminishes body pain by stimulating specific acupressure points in the feet. Specialized magnets, which are strategically placed all over each insole, improve blood circulation and decrease tissue tension. In about a week or so, common body pain, such as lower back pain and foot soreness, subside.


With your body pain gone, you get to focus more on your activities with ample energy throughout the day. Now, you can go hiking, have long walks in the city, and enjoy your travels more without having to worry about body pain. You get to have more time and energy to spend on doing the things you love and bonding with family and friends.


A body that is free of physical pain translates to a sound mind and a more positive disposition. No more mood swings and taking too many pain killers. No more poor body posture and stressed-out look on your face. Without the debilitating physical and psychological effects of chronic body pain, you no longer have to stay at home all day because your muscles and joints are just too painful.


The science behind MindInsole Shoe Inserts is based on reflexology. By applying pressure to specific points of the feet, the peripheral nerves signal the central nervous system and consequently, different parts of the body, to lessen the tension level. This induces body relaxation, lower stress levels, optimal organ functioning, and improved blood flow.

MindInsole massages key areas of your feet with a total of 800 scientifically designed massage points and special magnets. As strange as it may sound to some, these massage points do not only relieve overall body pain. They also aid in cooling and soothing the feet and boosting your endurance when being used during a strenuous physical activity.

Each insole has 12 large acupoints for the arch of the foot, 120 medium acupoints for general massage and soothing, 270 micro acupoints for increasing blood circulation, and 5 cooling magnets that produce gentle magnetic waves. The upper magnet is made for your personal power, the core arch magnets for your body functions, and the lower sole magnet for your body energy.


Dimensions310 x 125 x 1.5 mm
Weight133 g
MaterialMade of breathable material.
SizeCan be trimmed to fit any shoe.
Each insole is made with:- 12 large acupoints to support your foot's arch and the body's core
- 120 medium acupoints to stimulate reflexes
- 270 small acupoints that promote nutrient rich blood flow
- 5 magnets strategically placed to relieve pain across key reflex points.




1. How do I use MindInsole?

Just like any shoe insole, you simply have to correctly align MindInsole shoe inserts into your shoe.

2. Which shoe sizes can MindInsole fit in?

Each pair of MindInsole insoles is one-size-fits-all. It can fit men’s sizes 6 to 12 and women’s sizes 7 to 12. You can trim each insole according to your shoe size. Each insole is customizable, and you can cut it to whichever shape or size fits your shoes.

3. How do I trim it?

MindInsole is made of breathable and easy-to-cut material. Using sharp shears, trim each insole around the suggested pre-marked guide lines.

4. Can I use it on different shoes?

Absolutely! They can fit any shoe size and type. You may transfer the insoles into any pair of shoes -sneakers, boots, sandals, heels, etc. However, we suggest that you buy at least two pairs of insoles for your convenience.

5. How soon can I experience the benefits of MindInsole?

You can feel relief right away. With prolonged and continuous use, you will notice a more significant effect.

6. How do I clean MindInsole?

MindInsole insoles are easier to clean compared to other shoe inserts that are made of fabric. You may simply wipe them with a damp towel or wash them in lukewarm water and soap for more thorough cleaning. Let them air dry afterwards.

7. When should I wear MindInsole?

It is suggested that you wear them as much as possible to experience the full benefits of MindInsole. These insoles are designed to be worn during any type of activity – walking, running, working out, hiking, trekking, etc.


  1. Kerry

    Can you wear these with authotics

  2. M Beall

    Is there a money back guarantee? Are they returnable for refund?

  3. Roberta Shackelford

    I have super high insteps and I”m concerned that these won’t hit the area needed. Should I be concerned or should they still work? When I say high instep, I mean it too! I’ve tried orthopedic inserts from a podiatrist before and they didn’t work because that part of my foot doesn’t touch the innersoles of my shoes.

  4. Patty Jo Holmquist

    do the bumps go up or down in the shoe ,no directions

  5. kathy baer

    You do wear the smooth side down correct? Bumpy side up

  6. joe Allen

    yes do you put the Mindinsole in the shoe with the smooth side up or the rough side facing up
    I know this is a dumb thing to ask but I just wont to make sure we are doing it the right way.
    thanks for your time

  7. joe

    yes, do you put the Mindinsole in the shoe with the smooth side facing up? or do you put the rough side facing up? I know this is dumb to ask but we want to do it the right way
    thanks for your time

  8. Candance Evans

    Are the acupoints supposed to be facing up or down?

  9. Felicia Horton

    How long should the Mindinsole in setts be worn at a time? I wore my all day approximately 8 hours the first day & my feet began to hurt!

  10. Joe

    I know this is dumb to ask but do you put mindinsole in the shoe face up or do you put the smooth side face up. thanks for your time

  11. Ramona

    I would like to know if these insoles help relieve pain on the balls of the feet.

  12. Michael Halstead

    Should we insert the insert do bumps are on top? It hurts to stand on the insert unless Ithe bumps are facing the sole of the shoe. Please help.

  13. Joan charles

    Which is right way up should it be smooth side up or reverse

  14. Cindy McFarland

    I got my insoles a few days ago. It appears that only one of them has magnets. Are the 5 magnets that I do have, supposed to come apart or is one of my insoles defective? Thank you

  15. Barbara Smith

    Do you wear the insoles with the bumps up or down. I think they should be worn up, but my husband thinks they should be worn down.

  16. Gordon Druce

    Do you insert them in your shoe with the smooth side up or down?

  17. Jan hammond

    I have severe burning pain in both feet due to Morton’s neurons and metatarsalgia.If I’m not satisfied what is the return policy?

  18. Esther Weston

    I have received my insoles. It doesn’t say anywhere about if they work through socks or just bear feet. Naturally we wear socks. So need an opinion on barefoot or with socks. Thankyou.

  19. Charles Rigdon

    The photos of the insoles show 8 magnets, but the description states only 5 magnets. I bought 3 pair and was surprised to see only 6 magnets! I want the 8 magnet model that’s what I thought I was buying.

  20. Sharon Johnson

    I bought these inderts and when I started using them, they hurt my feet pretty bad. Am I doing something wrong?

  21. Miles

    I can’t tell if you put the “bumps” up in the shoe – or pointed down in the shoe.

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    Look forward to going over your web page repeatedly.

  23. Dan Francia

    Will this be effective f I wear socks

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