Your whole body is supported by your feet. Feet are the foundation of the human body which is why taking care of them is a vital part of taking care of one’s health. If not taken care of properly, minor foot problems can lead to pain and discomfort, and cause other long-term problems.

Here are ten tips on how to take care of your feet.


1. Regularly wash your feet.

Clean feet are healthy feet which is why you should regularly wash them. In order to thoroughly wash your feet, you should scrub them well with soap and water. Make sure to take your time while washing them, just like when washing your hands. Rinse them properly and dry them afterwards. Remember that drying your feet is an important step because microorganisms might thrive in them due to moisture.


2. Moisturize the skin on your foot.

Having hard and dry skin on your foot is not at all a rare thing. If you have this condition, moisturize your feet with a moisturizing cream, except in areas between your toes. A pumice stone or a foot file can be used to remove hard skin. Remember not to be too harsh when removing hard skin as your skin might grow back even harder.


3. Clip your toenails.

Clipping your toenails regularly is also a part of foot hygiene. Having long toenails may cause dirt and other organisms to get stuck on your toenails. Cut nails in a straight direction and avoid cutting them too short. Clipping your toenails to close to the edges may cause painful ingrown toenails.


4. Make it a habit to examine your feet.

No one knows your feet better than you do. So, make it a habit to examine your feet every once in a while to check for possible abnormalities. Check the soles of your feet for scaling and your toes. Having suspicious features on your feet may be a symptom of a skin or foot infection.


5. Learn proper use of nail polish.

Nail polish sure looks attractive, but it should never be used to hide unpleasant looking toenails. An “ugly” looking toenail may indicate that you have a nail fungus so do not cover it up with nail polish. It might cause your condition to worsen.


6. Do not share any foot wear with anyone else.

Fungal infections can be transmitted by using other people’s foot wear. Always use your own shoes and socks to keep your feet healthy.


7. Always use clean socks.

Our socks absorb the sweat that come from our feet which is why it is important to always use a clean pair of socks. Reusing dirty and smelly socks can lead to bad odor and even fungal infections.


8. Wearing shoes that fit properly.

Our shoes also play a huge factor on feet hygiene and health. It is crucial that you always wear the appropriate shoe size for your feet. Shoes that are too tight cause discomfort to our feet through out the day. This can lead to long term foot problems that may affect the way we stand and walk. Not only does the shoe size matter, but also does the shape of the shoe. Rounded shoes with plenty of space in front are preferred because they give your toes enough space. Pointy shoes on the other hand cramp up your toes which can cause calluses and ingrown toenails.


9. Avoid wearing high heels too often.

Wearing high heels can surely make your legs look longer and boost your confidence. But you should always limit your time wearing them. They cause discomfort and stress to our feet. Regular use of high heels can cause joint pains, calluses, and many other conditions.


10. Consult a doctor regarding abnormalities or any foot queries.

When you feel that something is wrong about your foot, consult a doctor immediately. Any abnormality that you observe should be reported immediately to the doctor for you to have a proper prescription and guidance. Do not try to diagnose and treat yourself because this might cause bigger complications.

Follow these ten tips on feet hygiene so you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. Our feet take us everywhere we go with thousands of steps per day. Which is why we should give them the proper care that they deserve.

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