Better safe than sorry.

1.Jumper Cables

Batteries are unpredictable for most of us. You’ll never know when they’ll die. Better bring one just in case. Take note that these are useless unless you can find a source of power. So better bring good patience as well so you could get people to help you out.

2. First Aid Kit

Emergency Medical Teams aren’t genies that pop out of nowhere when you call them. Better be prepared with your own first aid kit in case of minor injuries. This would best be partnered with knowledge of handling these situations. Try to get a seminar on first aid provided by your local Red Cross.

3. Kitty Litter

Caught on a slippery surface? Mopping oil spills? Getting rid of the foul smell of the food you bought from the market that you put in the trunk? Would you believe that kitty litter is the answer to all of those? Yup, it’s more than just a litter for your fur babies.

4. Spare Tire

Because tires could get flat anytime. Not much explaining. Just bring it. Don’t remove it from your trunk just because “you need more space”.

5. Jack and Lug Wrench

Your spare tires may be good to go but that would be worthless if you can’t change the flat tires. Always bring a jack and lug wrench together with the spare tire.

6. Air Pump

If there is a nearby vulcanizing shop, you can save all the time and effort on changing your tires can be saved if you have an air pump. It is just a temporary solution, however.

7. Tire Pressure Gauge

A handy device you could definitely use in long road trips and make sure you’re good-to-go.

8. A Durable Multitool

From the different tools in this small tool, uses are endless. This should not be only in a list of things that you should always have in your car, it should be in the list of things you should always bring with you.

9. Hazard Triangle/Flares

At night, avoid getting run over by another car or causing a huge delay on others by informing them of the emergency that you are in. People tend to become more considerate if they’re informed beforehand.

10. Safety Vest

As a driver, you know how hard it is to see people in the middle of the dark. Be a good motorist by being illuminated by safety vests in case of emergencies like pushing your car to the side, fixing a tire, etc.

11. Blanket

Aside from keeping you warm in cold rides, blankets can be used as a mat when you go below the car to check the chassis or simply protecting your leather seats when you got wet in the rain when you checked the hood.

12. Fire Extinguisher

Chances of needing one are slim. But you’ll never know what accident you may get into, so it’s best if you’re prepared.

13. Tow Strap

When you’re literally in the middle of the road when an accident happens, you have to go to the side to prevent further accidents. Get someone to tow to the sides while you wait for a tow truck.

14.Duct Tape

The car band-aid that you can use for temporary fixings.

15. Flashlight

Because the night is dark and full of terrors, a flashlight will come in handy in all those occasions.

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