People are very much familiar with massage therapies. Not a lot of people know about chiro therapy. Chiro therapy is actually an alternative to medicine that is much more concerned with the treatment of the mechanical disorders of the spine and the rest of the musculoskeletal system or the locomotor system. Now that you are familiar with chiro therapy, you may ask what are the types of chiropractic care, we got you covered!

1. Relief Care

MindInsole Blog 3 Types of Chiropractic Care That You Can Try To Relieve Body Pain

Body pain? Neck pain? Other aching parts of the body? This is one of the reasons why people go to chiropractors – for relief. Pressure on the spine is eased which in turn could reduce chronic pain, stiffness, and other forms of back discomfort and its connecting tissues. It could even improve your body’s recovering abilities from illness or injuries. People who take these are usually the ones who need an immediate solution, and they frequently visit a chiropractor.

If a certain ache or pain has motivated you to undergo chiropractic care, you’re someone who is longing for relief and wants to feel better. Adjustments and visits to the clinic may be combined with other kinds of procedures to give relief to you as quickly as possible. Your visits will vary on your age, your lifestyle, your health condition. Repeated visits monthly or even weekly could be required to eliminate your symptoms.

2. Corrective Care

Not acting on chronic back conditions can go wrong in so many ways. In these cases, your spinal cord may be seriously damaged. This could be corrected with a therapeutic approach by chiropractors. If your back conditions are past due the relief care, you will most probably be needing corrective care already.

You may think that after your symptoms improve, the damage on your muscle and other soft tissues improve as well. We hate to break it to you, but it remains. With the help of corrective care, your spine is stabilized which in turn promotes more complete healing. Your visits to the chiropractor will be lesser but you will be encouraged to do exercises and self-care procedures to supplement the therapy you are undergoing. True healing can occur when the ache or pain is gone and stopping care immediately may only result in relapse.

3. Maintenance Care

MindInsole Blog 3 Types of Chiropractic Care That You Can Try To Relieve Body Pain

Maintenance is also known as preventative care or wellness care as it can be associated with avoidance of additional health problems which would need more therapeutic or immediate treatment. As the name implies, people who seek maintenance care from chiropractors have already experienced chiropractic care before, whether it’s relief care or corrective care. They may even be people who underwent rehabilitation from an injury with the help of chiropractic care. These people do follow-up check-ups and receive chiropractic care so the positive effects of the treatment they are undergoing could be maintained. They would also be wanting to keep their spinal column as flexible as possible so a further injury could be prevented.

When your correction is already attained, follow-up check-ups with the chiropractor can help in maintaining your progress and retaining its effects. Occasional visits could help catch small “symptoms” before they even become a problem. Others may think that this could be costly as you are already back to tip-top shape but for wellness-minded people, this is actually a good investment as it is a preventative health measure. It could eventually save us time and money because we could stay well.

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