The use of surgical face masks is at an all-time high nowadays. In fact, reusable face masks have been very popular. They come in different colors, shapes, and designs. But this is not just some fashion statement that happened to come about. If you think about it, air pollution in certain areas has been worse through time. The spread of sickness is inevitable. Which is why the demand for surgical face masks seem to grow higher. In this article, we have listed a couple of reasons why you should use a face mask when a situation calls for it. 

Protection against air pollution

The condition of the air gets worse and worse over time. In Beijing, the air pollution is so bad that exposure to the air for over a significant amount of time can lead to serious diseases. Face masks or specifically, the N95 mask can really help with this problem. The N95 mask may cost a bit more expensive, but it can prevent smoke and particles from entering the lungs. Surgical face masks also have the capability to protect your lungs, but not as much. 

Prevent the spread of illness

This is the other most obvious use for a surgical face mask. But people are always confused about the proper way of using a face mask when you are ill and when you are not. Which side to use, the white one or the blue one? When you are ill, the white side must be the one that is attached to your face. The white side contains the filter so that it prevents germs from spreading outwards. When you are not ill, you should have the blue side of the mask attached to your face. The exposed white side will protect you from germs that come in contact with you. 

Prevent touching your face

This may not be really one of the original purposes why you should use a face mask, but it can really help you not to touch your face. Touching your face throughout the day can really cause you to have breakouts. The mask does not only prevent acne this way but having your face covered also decreases the number of germs that get in contact with your face. 

If you want to mind your own business

This sounds odd, but it is totally effective. There is just something about wearing a face mask that makes people avoid you. It makes you look like you want to mind your own business. If you want to distance yourself from others, just wear a face mask and enjoy your anti-social day! 

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