Everyone has their own makeup routine and everyone does their glam differently. Well, there are no rules in doing your makeup. It is all about creativity and expressing yourself. But makeup artists actually have some definite no-nos that they insist we avoid. They are the beauty professionals and they are always the ones to know the trends that keep coming. So following their advice should do us good. In this article, we have listed the bad makeup habits that artists say we should stop doing.

Leaving your makeup on overnight

If you want to look your best while wearing makeup then you should really take care of your skin. Skincare is just as important, if not more, than doing makeup. Leaving your makeup on is something that we have all been guilty of doing. This bad habit clogs the pores and can be the reason behind acne problems. This is one obvious habit that should be stopped right away.

Using waterproof mascara every day

Waterproof mascara can be your best friend on special occasions. The formula is great if you want your lashes to stay curled up throughout the day. But makeup artists actually do not recommend that you use waterproof mascara every day. This is because the formula is more drying compared to regular mascara. Over time, too much use of waterproof mascara can cause your eyelashes to become brittle. Beauty professionals suggest that you use waterproof mascara only on special occasions or in events that you expect to sweat or cry. 

Matching foundation on the back of your hand

When you are at the beauty store, matching makeup or concealer at the back of your hand is the easy and fast way to check on the color of the product. But you should not rely on this method to have a perfect shade match. The back of your hand and face have different colors so you cannot get the perfect shade match. Your skin on these areas also has different skin textures so the products may feel differently once you apply it on the face. What you should do is to swatch your foundation on your jawline to get the best match. 

Using too much powder

There are a lot of powder products that we apply on the face which is why we should always be mindful on the amount that we put on. Having too much powder on the face can look bad because, besides the cake up, the powder can settle in the fine lines and other crevices of your face.

Storing makeup in the bathroom

Our make up is something that we regularly apply on the face so makeup hygiene is also very important. A lot of people do their makeup on the bathroom which is why it is only normal to have their makeup stored in there as well. But storing makeup in the bathroom is actually not advised by makeup professionals because can increase the production of bacteria. A bathroom is a humid place which is a perfect thriving place for bacteria to grow. 

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