Regular brushing and flossing are the basics of proper oral hygiene. There are a lot more steps if you want the optimal care for your mouth and pearly whites. Besides using certain oral products, proper oral hygiene also means avoiding or lessening the intake of certain foods. This is because there are certain foods that cause teeth stains if consumed plenty of times. It is the assumption of many people that eating any type of food can lead to plaque build up and tooth enamel damage. This thinking can’t be helped because if you think about it, eating any food can leave even the smallest amounts of food residue in your mouth. Not all foods cause negative effects to your teeth though. There has been a growing body of research dedicated to finding the best foods that are good for teeth. There are good foods or “functional foods” that are effective in giving you strong and healthy pearly whites, as well as help your heart function well.
Here are foods you should eat to get strong and healthy teeth.

1. Tea

Black and green teas have certain types of compounds called polyphenols that help in slowing the growth of bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria of not regulated can increase the risk of having gum disease and cavities. There have been researches conducted to test the effectivity of black tea in decreasing plaque buildup. It was found out that people who rinsed their mouths with black tea for 10 days have less plaque buildup. Compared to those who only used water when rinsing, black tea users have significantly reduced plaque size and plaque stickiness.

2. Cheese

There have been researches regarding the effects of cheese in oral health. A research was conducted among 12- to 15-year-olds who ate cheddar cheese and their effects in oral health. it was found out that these adolescents who ate cheddar cheese have lower acid levels in their mouths compared to those who drank milk and ate sugar-free yogurt.

3. Raisins

Sugar is one of the leading causes of plaque buildup. This is because sugar sticks to the surface of teeth, making them produce plaque. Raisins are naturally sweet even though they do not contain any sucrose or table sugar. Raisins also contain phytochemicals which have the ability to kill cavity-causing plaque bacteria.

4. Certain Types of Crunchy Foods

Crunchy foods require serious chewing o break them down. Do not worry though because this does not necessarily cause negative effects to our mouth and teeth. Crunchy foods such as apples, carrots, and cucumbers are great crunchy foods you should chomp on. Chewing can be a cleansing mechanism for our teeth and can also disturb plaque. This clears away bacteria instead of piling up in our teeth.

5. Sugar-Free Gum

There are myths that chewing on gum helps cut down plaque. Just make sure that it is sugar-free. Chewing on gum also helps boost the secretion of saliva which makes the mouth clear bacteria away more easily.

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