Having flawless skin is everyone’s dream. Who wouldn’t want to look airbrushed even without a filter, right? But achieving celebrity-like skin is not a breeze for everyone. We have to deal with problems such as acne, rashes, allergies, redness, sunburn, and the appearance of pores.

It’s a fact, we all have pores. But some are just gifted to have minimally-looking pores. For others, they are quite visible and it can annoying sometimes. Just when life hs given you acne free skin, it balances it out with huge pores. Pores are natural and are essential to our human anatomy in fact. They are just small openings in the skin that release oils and sweat. They are all over the body but people usually only take notice of them on the face.

There can be a number of reasons why your pores appear larger. Some of the more common reasons are because of acne, increased sebum production, and damage due to the sun. Naturally, you cannot change how big or small your pores are. You can just minimize their appearance. Your pores also can dictate if you are going to have a breakout or not. When they get clogged, chances are higher. You can never really notice that your pores are getting clogged. In this article, we have listed some of the habits that could be clogging your pores without you even realizing it.

Picking your pores and acne

It is a habit for a lot of people to pick on their acne. Pimples, blackheads, any acne of some sort. It just satisfies them and they think that popping them is okay. First of all, this habit is very bad for your skin for it can leave acne marks. When you pick on your acne and pores, this causes the formation of fine lines and stretch marks due to the squeezes and stretches. This will also cause inflammation and irritation to a certain extent. This habit also increases the chances of bacteria transfer from hands to the face. So keep those hands off!

Not removing your make up before going to bed

Putting your make up on is a very fun thing, but taking it off can be very annoying sometimes. Some people even forget removing it and just go to bed directly. You must not let your makeup sit on your face for long hours. This is because leaving makeup on is among the top culprits behind clogged pores. You must always remove it before going to bed.

Skipping exfoliation

Exfoliating your face must be added to your skincare routine. Well, you do not have to do it daily, exfoliating once or twice a week is good enough. Soaps, cleansers, and toners are not powerful enough in removing dead skin cells that can easily clog up pores.

Wearing the wrong makeup

Yes, there are certain makeup products that can minimize the appearance of pores and there are some that can cause the blackheads because they block out pores. Comedogenic make up are pore blocking products, so they will clog your skin. It is okay to block them out sometimes to look airbrushed but it is important that you mind your usage of these products.

Not showering after you have sweat so much

We sweat all throughout the day. We may not be covered in sweat entirely and visibly, but at a certain level, we do. If you do not shower after sweating so much, your pores will get clogged by this build up. Plus, your sweat can get mixed with dirt and other pollutants around you that can be the reason for an upcoming breakout. Yikes!

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