Shaving sounds like a very easy grooming activity, but there is actually so much more about this routine that you need to know about. Shaving is not just a cut and dry task, there are things that you should know in order to get a clean and nice shave. You also need to know some reminders so that you do not get skin irritations or even skin infections once you have shaven. In this article, we have listed some helpful reminders about shaving that you should always keep in mind.

Keeping razors for too long

Every item in our house has a shelf life and razors are no exception to this rule. While you may think that an old razor can still do its job, you may experience skin irritation if you keep on using old razors. You can also cut yourself easily by using an old razor with a dull blade.

Sharing razors with other people

Personal hygiene is everything and you should always keep your personal items to yourself. Razors are personal items that should not be shared with anyone. If you share your razors with other people, you increase the chances of transferring bacteria with someone else. This can cause skin irritation or even skin infection.

Do not shave before showering

A lot of people are guilty of doing this one but it is actually a mistake to shave before showering. When you shave before showering, your skin is still dry. Shaving dry skin is not advisable. What you should do next time is to shower first so that you have moist and soft skin to work with. The hairs will also be softer so they are easier to remove. 

Do not forget to use a cream or gel

Some people leave out applying a lubricant such as a shaving cream or gel before shaving. You should never skip this step because it is easier for you to cut yourself without a lubricant. Lubrication also helps you get a close and smooth shave. 

Do not exfoliate after shaving

Shaving already exfoliates your skin at a certain level. Exfoliating right after shaving can hurt the skin and can over-exfoliate your skin. If you are guilty of doing this, this can lead to redness and skin irritation.

Always moisturize after

Moisturizing after shaving is an important step. This step can help your skin feel rejuvenated and feel less irritated. 

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