Are you getting your eight glasses of water a day? It might sound easy but for some, drinking eight glasses of water is a chore. Keeping hydrated is an important thing if you want improved overall health. If you are not properly hydrated, you can experience a huge number of minor negative effects in the body that could also reflect within your appearance. It will reflect on your skin and lips which is not a pleasing thing to deal with. With some simple tricks, fun rules, or maybe buying cool products, you can make drinking water an easier thing to do. In this article, we have listed some of the best tips and tricks to make your drink more water every day.

Try detox water

Is plain water too bland for you? Well, try adding fruits to your water. There are a lot of recipes online which you could try to add a little bit of flavor to your water. You can also get a lot of health benefits from drinking detox water so not only does the flavor get you drinking, but also when you think about these benefits. The simplest recipe for detox water is by adding a couple of lemon slices to your water and you are good to go!

Buy a cool and high-tech water container

There a lot of cool and high-tech water bottles on the market nowadays. We know it is such an extent to buy a high-end water bottle just to drink water but hey, if you think it does the job for you then why not. There is even a water bottle that sends notifications on your phone to tell you about your daily water intake. Now, how cool is that! You could also get insulated containers that keep your water ice cold for hours. This way you get to enjoy cold water even on hot days.

Use an app to track your intake

An expensive water bottle might be too much for a lot of us, so the best alternative is to download an app instead. This is effective for a lot of people because you are constantly reminded to drink water. What is your excuse if your phone tells you to drink? What’s the point of downloading the app if you won’t follow it, right?

Drink after every bathroom break

Make it a habit to drink water after every time you visit the bathroom. After going to the bathroom might as well detour to the kitchen to get a glass of water, you are already standing up. If you continue to do this then you will make this a habit that will stick to you naturally. You can also apply this trick to any activity, going to the bathroom is just a more effective activity. Because the more you drink, the more you go to the bathroom, hence you drink more and the cycle goes on.

The one-to-one rule when drinking

You probably heard the one-to-one rule when it comes to drinking. If not then here is how it goes, for every alcoholic drink you get, you must drink one glass of water. This is a great way for you to hydrate on water more and at the same time lessen the hangover you get the next day! Just note that this does not make it okay for you to drink a ton of alcohol. Drink moderately.

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