Drinking water out of the tap is nothing out of the ordinary. Although not everybody is totally aware of what the health risks are. Besides the bad taste and smell, there are harmful bacteria present, high level of chlorine, and there could even be small traces of lead in it.

Drinking bottled water, on the other hand, is the safer option. But as time goes by, you will realize that this is too expensive. It is wasteful and not green at all. So what is the best option to get access to healthy potable water? The answer is a water filtration system right at your home. Installing a water filter is very easy and it has a lot of benefits. In this article, we will list the benefits of having your own water filter system at home.

Healthy and clean water

The main benefit of having a water filter at home is that you can get direct access to clean and safe drinking water. When the water is filtered, contaminants such as bacteria and chlorine get removed. This will also result in water that tastes and smells better.

Lead-free water

Lead is a harmful element that can cause serious health effects if taken in significant amounts. Some birth defects are also caused by a level of lead intake. This serious matter has been in the news lately because of how detrimental it can be for our overall health. Luckily there are water filtration systems that can be installed at home that has lead-removing capabilities.

Saves you money

At first, you may be hesitant to install a water filtration system at home because it may cost you a bit. Some people still think that opting to buy bottled water is cheaper. This is not the case though. Having a one-time purchase for a water filter is very cost effective and the filter replacements that come after are very cheap. If you think about it, you will really get your money’s worth with having your own water filter than constantly buying bottled water.

Helps you fight diseases

Not only does safe and filtered water prevent you from having diseases, but it also gives you an energy boost to help your body fight illnesses and diseases. Drinking clean water helps your overall health and also boosts your immune system.

Helps the environment

The environmental problem is one of the most serious matters we have going on right now. We have to do something with the plastic that is circulating the globe. Every effort that leads to less consumption of plastic is a huge help for our environment and having your own water filter system would do wonders. This way people would not buy plastic bottles anymore that would soon pollute our oceans.

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