Top 7 Benefits of Acupuncture

Nov 15, 2018

Our bodies go through a lot of stress throughout the day. Each of us has our limit and our bodies can only take so much. There a lot of ways which we can treat ourselves, we can rest all night in bed or go to a spa and have massages. But have you ever considered trying acupuncture?

If you have a phobia of needles, you might never want to try it. But just wait and see the benefits that it has to offer to our bodies and our health. Acupuncture is a major aspect of traditional Chinese medicine. It is also a form of alternative medicine which is why there a lot of skeptics towards the practice. We have listed the benefits you can get from acupuncture and here are seven of them.

1. Lower Stress Levels

One of the main reasons why people try acupuncture is because of their high stress levels. Physical and mental stress can both be lowered by acupuncture through reducing stress hormones and moderating the mood to lower anxiety levels. These result to an overall positive vibe and increased happiness.

2. Lower Occurrence of Headaches and Migraines

Does your migraine keep recurring? Migraines are a real pain and are really hard to ignore. There are cases in which acupuncture alongside standard health measures have reduced the frequency of migraines recurring.

3. Relief from Back Pain, Neck Tension, and Joint Pains

There are a lot of reasons why you are experiencing back pain, neck tension, and joint pains. Imagine sitting for hours in the office with your head focused on the screen, hands typing all day. A daily routine like this can surely cause your body discomfort. Acupuncture offers a drug free pain relief for all these cases. It can also reduce swelling and inflammation which is the root cause of pain.

4. Reduced Eye Strain

Given the earlier situation in the office setting, your eyes also experience damage. Long hours of staring in the computer screen causes strain in the eyes. There are cases in which eye strain is not the only condition which acupuncture can heal. Cases of myopia, hypermetropia, cataract, presbyopia, and other eye conditions use acupuncture as a means of treatment.

5. Improved Mental Clarity

Besides reducing your stress levels, you can also enhance your mental clarity with acupuncture. There are reports in which patients have experienced a drastic positive mental clarity and increased energy levels after several acupuncture sessions.

6. Better Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Everyone does. Acupuncture is an effective way of giving you not only better sleep, but also a longer sleep duration. Acupuncture affects the brain which causes hormonal changes to improve sleep.

7. Reduced Smoking Cravings

If you are trying to quit smoking, then you should give acupuncture a try. There a lot of people who have gave it a try and are now living a cigarette-free life. Not only does acupuncture help in reducing cravings, it also aids in lung tissue repair and aids in detoxification in the body.

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